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Understanding Accounts is a "finance for non-financial" course on multimedia CD-ROM to help you read and understand an Annual Report and Accounts, including the Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Account and Cash Flow Statement.  It also explains the concepts of Assets and Liabilities, Liquidity, Depreciation, Equity and Loan Capital and Gearing, and shows how to use Accounting Ratios to identify trends in a company's financial performance.

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Understanding Accounts: Finance for non-financial

CD-ROM / e-Learning

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Who is the Understanding Accounts multimedia CD-ROM for?
  • Anyone without formal accountancy training who needs to be able to read a set of annual company report and accounts in order to make business or credit decisions
  • Anyone running a business (or looking to invest in a business) who needs to be able to see how well that business is doing
  • As pre-course work for finance for non-financial courses
  • As an interactive visual aid for finance for non-financial courses
  • For business studies students needing to understand the concepts of the balance sheet, profit and loss account, cash flow, depreciation, gearing, liquidity, etc.
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  Understanding Accounts does what it says on the tin.  It helps you understand the annual company accounts drawn up by your accountant.  Finance for non financial managers courses cover much the same ground. In fact, co-author Nick Rints has many years' experience running finance for non financial management courses for colleges, business schools and companies. The advantage of this interactive CD-ROM is that it is available when you need it. It's also a fraction of the cost.  When you need to learn how a balance sheet works, how to read a profit and loss account, understand cash flow, gearing, liquidity, or apply accounting ratios, get out the Understanding Accounts CD. The "revisit" menu allows you to jump straight to the section you need.


What's in the Understanding Accounts multimedia?
  • Why do we need published accounts?
  • What is a Balance Sheet - what are Assets and Liabilities?
  • Why do companies borrow? What are the relative merits of using equity and borrowed funds?
  • How do companies (and the tax authorities) treat the purchase of capital items?
  • Why is working capital important in many businesses and why do different companies have different needs?
  • Why is a balance sheet presented the way it is?
  • What happens to profit - especially that retained in the business?
  • Liquidity: How can a company have substantial retained profit, yet still be short of cash?
  • What can we learn from a company's balance sheet
  • How do we measure Profit?
  • What is the Matching Principle?
  • What are the differences between Cash and Profit?
  • What is meant by different measures of profit and how are they reported?
  • What influences a company's cash position?
  • What role does Depreciation play in the story of cash?
  • How can we control cash - especially Working Capital?
  • How can we measure the profitability of a business?
  • What can simple ratios tell us about company performance?
  • Understanding Accounts Educational costs 395+VAT.  This licence allows unlimited multiple use within a college, training centre or similar. This includes a pack of 20 CD-ROMs to allow disks to be distributed to students or trainees for pre-course work or individual study. OR 295+VAT for single disk for a learning centre.
  • Understanding Accounts Solo costs 29.95 + VAT which allows use by a single user only
  • available on 14 days free trial (business addresses only, please)  Please click the "buy or try" button.


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