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Opus 05 Pro from Digital Workshop has appeared in Pro XE form. As well as allowing you to author media-rich CD-ROM and Flash based e-learning for the intranet, Pro XE will offer SCORM compliance.  This is particularly important if you want to manage access and record learners' performance using a Learning Management System.  Details at 

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ScribeStudio is a new e-learning creating and delivery product to come the UK.  It's a spin-off from the production of custom courseware by ScribeStudio's owners, Distance Learning Inc., who found that many of their clients were keen to develop their own e-learning material.

It combines e-learning authoring with a learning management system in a reasonably priced package.  The learning experience can be media rich, including images, text, audio and video, supported by tests and assessments.

ScribeStudio is totally web based, so that DLI host both the authoring tool and your finished learning materials, as well as managing access and recording learners' performance.  Neither the author nor the learner has to install any software.

All this may or may not be a benefit, depending on how your IT is set up.  On the plus side ScribeStudio appears to be easy to use, and, since all you need to access it is an internet browser, your IT department should not be over concerned about foreign software getting into the system.  DLI claim that their authoring tool is a very powerful way of adapting and refreshing existing multimedia, video and other training materials.

On the down side, access requires and external connection to the web, which may mean additional cost unless you have broadband.  Also, you may never come to own your material, since it is hosted externally (although securely) and will only work so long as you keep up the subscription to DLI.  The subscription starts at $99 a month for 25 users.  250 users would cost $365 a month, which is more reasonable than many similar offerings.

Details at 

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