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Looking for an experienced, award-winning producer to create video, multimedia or e-Learning?

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screen grabSelling Mortgages

Interactive CD-ROM or e-learning with flexible navigation which allows it to be used as pre-course work for would-be mortgage interviewers, as well as for induction and CPD for other staff.  Provides an overview of different mortgage types and repayment vehicles and takes the user through a typical interview, which is dramatised on video.  A number of sales skills are also demonstrated.  Extensive interactivity.  Available from Enlightenment at 4995 +VAT for lenders with 50 branches, 2495 for those with 20-49 branches, 1595 for smaller lenders.  Other quantities by negotiation. Price includes personalisation to your organisation.  

Click for more details.  To be launched in Autumn 2006. Reflects practical experience of FSA regulation of the mortgage and general insurance business.

screen grabwater.gif (34318 bytes)  Understanding Accounts

Interactive CD-ROM covering the essentials of published annual accounts - profit & loss, balance sheet, cash flow, depreciation, accounting ratios.  Using video drama, it follows the fortunes (and otherwise) of two fictional companies, one established and one start-up, to illustrate the principles and to provide material for various interactive exercises.  Based on the work of leading financial trainer Nick Rints and originally developed for a major bank, now used by leading business schools, banks and corporates.  Available from Enlightenment at 395 + VAT for a professional set of 20 copies, allowing it to be used by all members of a typical "finance for non-financial" course, 295 for a single copy with a multi-user licence.  Single user licence 29.95 + VAT. Further information  

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If you have a requirement which is not catered for by these titles, we would be very happy to produce a made-to-order package for you.

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Are you a mortgage lender training staff to sell mortgages and general insurance products post FSA regulation?

selling mortgages and insurance post fsa regulation

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