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A multimedia for compliance training for Building Society staff

  • Available either as a multimedia CD-ROM or for the intranet
  • Can be used for open learning, pre-course work or as an interactive visual aid for a trainer-led anti money laundering session
  • Can be remodelled to fit your compliance procedures or to feature your own premises

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The multimedia has been developed with the assistance of two building societies.  As well as explaining the legal liabilities of staff under the Money Laundering Regulations and the Proceeds of Crime Act, it provides a series of mini case studies for the user to assess, using a traffic light system: "green" means they can see no problem, "amber" means they feel they should look into this further, "red" means they would report this to their Money Laundering Reporting Officer.

Most of the cases are created as video dramas, with the user given the opportunity to ask questions of the customer, examine passbooks, consult colleagues, etc.  Transactions are seen over the counter, by post and through a call centre.

The eight cases (not all of which prove suspect) include:

  • a 16-year-old girl depositing a total of 1500
  • a market trader whose deposits suddenly triple
  • a customer carrying three passbooks, all with either a different name or address
  • a customer who opens a high interest account, makes several deposits, but then closes the account, just within the cooling off period
  • a self-employed customer paying his mortgage in cash
  • a customer wishing to pay off a large mortgage within a year of taking it out

For trainers, a Powerpoint presentation is provided for trainer-led anti Money Laundering courses.

In the CD-ROM version, the package is supplied as a set of 20 copies, to allow unlimited use around a branch network.  The cost is 1500+VAT.  Additional disks are 10+VAT each.

For a FREE PREVIEW  or to discuss remodelling the material for your organisation, e-mail or call 01695 727555.

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