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A Learning Management System will manage access to e-learning and other multimedia material.  Essentially it is a specialised database, recording who has been trained, how well they performed, etc.  An LMS is particularly useful in a regulated industry like financial services, where it is essential to be able to demonstrate that staff have been trained on particular issues.

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Review of new Learning Management System and e-learning courseware development package

An LMS and the courseware accessed through it will generally comply with the standards of the AICC (Aviation Industry CBT Committee), which were formulated to provide interoperability between courseware and computer systems - in other words if you bought a compliant package, you knew it would run on your system.  Gradually the AICC standards are being replaced by SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model), which goes a step further, by requiring courseware from different suppliers to be available as interlockable "learning objects".

The AICC and SCORM standards are extremely detailed.  How far you wish to adopt them is a matter of choice.  A simple LMS, based on an SQL database, can be provided by Qualtix  for around 5000.  This will:

  • run and record data from any AICC compliant courseware
  • show line and training managers details of the employees, what they have studied, when, how long they took and how well they did.
  • show learners what courses are available/recommended, which courses they have started or completed, how well they scored

studt2.gif (8535 bytes) click on this image to view a sample LMS screen

A fuller featured LMS, WBT Manager from Feenix, starts at around 10-12,000 and will work with an Oracle database.

The more features provided (and, where the software is sold on a per user basis, the more employees in your organisation), the more expensive the LMS.  Features may include detailed feedback for the instructional designer on how learners approached particular elements of the courseware, or a Virtual Classroom facility to allow learners and trainers to work together simultaneously but remotely.

Knowledge Management technology can also become an issue where the amount of information offered to (and also input by) learners becomes substantial. 

Other LMS suppliers include:

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